Lenhardy Cutoff

A double track trail off of the Lenhardy Cutoff.

Lenhardy Cutoff
Trail: 4×4 road, double track
Conditions: 40F, clear and sunny. Trail was mix of sand and packed dirt. Small snow patches. Mostly smooth trail with rolling hills. Lightly trafficked but probably not during high season.
AllTrails Route: Point to Point road with multiple loop options
My Route:  
Miles: Any distance, mine was 10.4
Elevation Gain: 1,890ft.
Water: Yes, but definitely not all year
Bathroom: No
Dogs: On leash or strict voice control.
Special Notes: Dispersed camping with views. Options for multiple trails a lot of miles. View of Collegiate Peaks entire time. 

With so many good trails and beautiful camping, I assume this place is very busy with vehicles for the on season and not so fun for runners. These winter months will be best. I didn’t see another person out there that day.

Toy on Lenhardy Cutoff
Dispersed Camping off the Lenhardy Cutoff Trail.

While it’s slow season, you can park for free in any of the dispersed camping.

Happy legs!

Shorts in November? I’ll take it.

Xena, the snow princess was grateful for her patches of white
One of the loops off the Cutoff.

A good chunk of the loops that I took were not on the map I had downloaded from AllTrails. I was out exploring and it was nice to have the comfort of knowing I had a GPS on me that could get me back to the road. As much as you can depend on paper maps, having apps like AllTrails has changed the game for me. Although I was running trails that were not on the map, the waypoint on the map still knew exactly where I was and it was able to guide me back to the road. Always carry a map with you. If it’s on your phone, make sure your phone is charged and you have downloaded the map before you lose service at the trailhead. 

Un-named creek crossing the Cutoff.
Views alll day.

This area has a lot of fun running and is a great destination to get a break from the snow. I will be coming back here before winter is over and update. 

High desert beauty!


Happy Trails,


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