Tenderfoot Trails. Salida, CO.

Xena takes in the view.
Tenderfoot Hills Trails
Trail: Mostly single track with a little road up to Tenderfoot Hill.
Trailhead: Established TH. Free, but limited parking. No bathrooms and nowhere “discreet” to go. Always remember the “Leave No Trace” principals.
Trail Use: Light, but definitely too heavy in the summer.
Ideal Season: November – March 
Conditions: 50F. Partially cloudy with winds from the storm in the high country. 
Route: Lollipop loop. My Route. 
Miles: 12. But multiple options for more or less.
Elevation Gain: 2,336ft. *According to Strava.
Water: No. Never.
Dogs: Yes. But please don’t be an irresponsible dog owner. Pick up the shit (and don’t leave the bag on the trail), and only off leash if your dog is trained. Like, actually voice trained. 
AprèsRun: SoulCraft Brewing. Only a mile from Historic Salida. Dogs are allowed on patio. Two years old, a brewery with great beer and a quality atmosphere. 
Special Notes: Salida is a crazy cute town with the Arkansas River running through it. I would plan on a morning run and and afternoon eat and drink in town.

To each is own, but I love running technical single track and these trails have it. You start from the TH with dirt road, but very quickly it turns into high desert single track and is a ton of fun. I would consider it a “blue” in skiing terms, but much more then I was expecting from the desert. This will be a staple in my winter routine. As a runner, I would not suggest these trails in the summer. The high country is open, and this area caters to mountain bikers. It’s a shit show. Appreciate the high country for the short few months it is open and leave this area for winter.                                         

Tenderfoot Hill is accessed by a road that spirals up to the top. There is a shelter, and a great view of Salida.

Christmas decorations from the top of Tenderfoot Hill.
Xena wins the staircase race down Tenderfoot Hill.
We found a cave.

We found a cave. You should search for it if you travel these trails. 

High desert beauty.
Storm is comin’. Sawatch Range.
View of Salida and the South end of the Sawatch in a storm.

That storm in the distance is unlikely to travel over the town of Salida that you see below. It is always fascinating to see the “imaginary line” that the earth creates between the weather.

Xena cools down on the Arkansas, post-run. 

Happy Trails,


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