Skinning. Day 3.

I went up the mountain again yesterday. I said I would post every time I managed to get on the skins for accountability on my end and inspiration on yours. 

I met up with a friend and we were at the the bottom of the hill by 6:15a. At 15°, twilight was creepin’ and the sunrise looked promising. 

I throw my skis down and notice they seem slick. 

I forgot my skins. Can’t go uphill without those.

My first thought is, “Well, guess I’ll call it.” Then the better half of me screams, “No idiot, you live right down the hill. It’s a rookie mistake. Go get your skins and do this.”

With my boots still on, I drove home, grabbed my skins and skinned halfway up the hill in time for sunrise. 

The best part of that morning was the downhill. For the first time, I felt like my form had improved and I had fun skiing down instead of just feeling scared. I embraced the leaning forward and standing taller, and I actually was able to play with making shorter turns and feeling what my skis would do when I put a little more trust into them. 

I tried to take the first excuse I had to not go up the mountain. Had I taken it, I would have missed out on the sunrise and the best downhill morning I have had so far.

Forgetting my skins is just being a newbie at something. Using that as an excuse to quit before I even begin – that’s a mistake. 


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