Horsetooth Rock. Fort Collins, CO.

Horsetooth Rock in the distance.

Horsetooth Rock Loop
Soderberg TH
Trail: Single track and a tiny section of 4×4 road.
Conditions: Hard packed dirt, slightly technical in some places but mostly smooth trail.
AllTrails Route: This is just the route up to the summit.
My Route: A lollipop loop. 
Miles: 10.5 but really any distance you want.
Elevation Gain: 
Water: Only in one spot and not all year. Always bring water on these trails.
Bathroom: Yes
Dogs: On leash.
Special Notes: There are a few TH’s, Soderberg being my favorite to start from. On a weekend or good day all of these TH’s will fill up, but most people are headed straight to the summit. Even with full parking lots, I would find solitude on some trails. This park is WILD. There is a lot of wildlife, including rattlesnakes in the summer. Stay alert and be careful.

This park is easy to navigate and you can dream up all sorts of distances and routes. This route I have posted is a personal favorite. It’s a loop, it covers the prettiest trails of the park and you summit a “mountain.” There’s not much more you could ask from a trail. If you are in the area, this park is definitely worth playing in. 

We travel to the front range for the holidays every year and always try to get out to this open space for a run. This specific loop is our new Thanksgiving morning tradition for as long as we have family in the front range to visit.

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Heading up the rock

Special note: Once you get to the base of the rock, navigate your way up the left side. The right side is the common route and more than a few times, we have climbed up the left side and had it all to ourselves while the right side was packed with people.

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Looking at the shit show on the right side of the rock. 

Also, this park is wild. In the peak of summer there is A LOT of snakes including rattlesnakes. Stay alert and be extra careful if you have a dog with you. 

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So many snakes in the summer.

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