365 Days of Outdoor Movement

Getting out with my two besties!

Happy New Year’s everyone! Starting tomorrow I’ll be attempting to make a significant movement outside, every day of 2019.

Along with exercising every day, I will also be venturing into starting my own business. I need to get through some school first, but it’s finally time I take the step to make my passion my career. I have been putting it off too long.

So welcome to the beginning of my journey’s – follow me on instagram @wildlybalancedathletics where I will post my activities daily. I will also be adding to this blog with tips on nutrition, cross-training etc. and what is working for me. Once I get some school under my belt, I will begin programs and videos you can follow along with and take advice from.

I hope you’ll join me in this adventure. Even if you don’t want to do the every day thing, taking any step toward becoming more active and getting outside is worth it.

Last note – I’m a real person. I make excuses, and I have lazy days. Promising myself with 365 days of movement is a challenge, I promise you. But I believe there is always time, every day, to fit in some type of activity. If you learn to balance exercise and exploring the outdoors into your lifestyle, you will find balance in all other aspects of your life. I know this because I have been living it. Life is not perfect and shit happens, but being in control of my body and my free time has made many other aspects of my life and decision making easier and I want others to experience this feeling. 

Get wild, stay balanced. Join me.

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