Resistance or Strength Training. Workouts

I have no pictures of me working out, so here is Xena. This makes me think of running repeats up stairs which I consider an aerobic and a strength training workout.

Hopefully soon, I will write much more about the benefits of strength training. My love for fitness actually started in the gym and I have some experience with weights and body weight exercises.

I love to feel strong, and even in the summer when I am ramping up the running miles and spending a lot of time on the trail, I make it a point to squeeze in a few days a week of strength training. It improves my running form and performance and improves my physical ability to get around in daily life easily.

I am just starting out with this whole thing, so this first post is just to get a page started where I post a specific workout I have done. It is meant to inspire and allow you to cherry pick what you want to try and what might work best for you.

Keep in mind, I am a trail runner and I usually do exercises that directly benefit my running. My goal is to be toned, light and lean. I am not interested in bulking up. I just want to be strong in places that matter when I run and when I engage in daily physical activities as a part of living. In order to accomplish this, I do a ton of body weight exercises and only occasionally add light free weights.

**If you try this at home, adjust reps to your ability. You most likely will be weaker or stronger in the exercises.**

Workout for 9 January, 2019:

3 sets each:

Round 1:
Burpees 8 reps.
Wide-legged squats 10 reps
Plank 30 sec. – switched to forearm plank for second set
Side crunches 20 each side.
Crunches 15 reps

Round 2:
Pull-ups 10 reps (I own a body tower)
Dips 15 reps
Hanging Leg Raise 10 reps
Jump Squats 15 reps

Round 3:
Sliders 15 reps (mixed up what I did with them each time)
Pistol Squat 3 each side
Push-ups 12 reps
Lunge into single leg stance 10 each side

I did 3 sets of each round and I didn’t rest until the end of the third set. That way I had 10 or 15min. at a time of an elevated heart rate, improving cardiovascular and respiratory strength. This workout took me 50min. If I become more consistent with strength training, I could probably get the time down or I could start to add more reps to each workout to keep the time the same.

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