Devil’s Garden Loop. Arches, NP.

Devil’s Garden Loop
TH: Large developed trail head at the end of Arches road where the campground is.
Trail Conditions: Sandy single track, slab rock, creek crossings, cairns. If you don’t pay attention it is easy to get off trail. Bring a GPS.
AllTrails Route: Devil’s Garden Loop.
My Route: Same
Miles: 7.5
Elevation Gain: 1,069ft.
Water: No. If you hit it right, there will be some creeks flowing but these are fleeting and you should never rely on them. Always bring more water than you think you will need in the desert.
Bathroom: Yes.
Dogs: Dogs are not allowed in National Parks. 
Special Notes: Stay far, far away from this entire park from mid March – October. This trail is one of the most popular trails in the world. Fat chance of enjoying this outdoor space anywhere close to Spring and Summer. We went at the end of February and it was awesome. We had a good weather day and shared this trail with maybe 20 people, (as opposed to 100’s during the summer).

Nothing but trail running makes me this happy. Wait, my dog is the only other thing that makes me this happy.

Woot! Writing about this trail and remembering how good it was brings back all those good feelings. As I said in the info. this is really a place you want to try and hit in the off season.


Runners, I think this should be on your bucket list. This is a surprisingly fun trail with a ton of variation, especially if you go in winter and there is a little snow on the ground. We ran on sand, rock, through creeks and more than a few times missed a cairn and got off trail. There is even one sketchy part of playing spider-man to get down or up a small rock face.

A short technical section of the trail.

As I said above, pay attention because the trail turns into creek beds and rock all the time and it is easy to get off trail.

This trail is a loop, which is the best, and so you cover all new miles and have the chance to see 7 different arches, and the Dark Angel.

Bring water, bring a map, a GPS would be best if possible, go in the off season and enjoy! If there are creeks just embrace them and get up in there. Nothing wrong with a little wet feet.

Creek running!

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