Porcupine Rim Trail. Moab, UT.

Top of the rim

Porcupine Rim Trail
TH: This trail starts/ends at Grandstaff Campground in Moab, which is where we were camping, or in downtown Moab. Since this is mostly known for mountain biking, I think most people start and end near town where there is a large recreational trailhead and they can easily ride the road to get to the TH.
Trail Conditions: Point to point, well developed technical and cruiser single track.
AllTrails Route: Porcupine Rim Trail . This only shows to the top of the rim, but there is a trail that will take you into Moab.
My Route: We started from the campground, ran to the top of the rim and turned around.
Miles: 9
Elevation Gain: 1,213ft.
Water: No. If you hit it right, there will be some creeks flowing but these are fleeting and you should never rely on them. Always bring more water than you think you will need in the desert. 
Bathroom: At campground, and I am sure downtown Moab has a public bathroom.
Dogs: Yes, on leash.
Special Notes: Stay far, far away from Moab from mid March – October. This trail is one of the most popular trails in the world for mountain bikers. Especially if you are a runner, I don’t recommend in the on season. You’ll be dodging for your life the whole time as bikers come charging the downhills etc. Fat chance of enjoying this outdoor space anywhere close to Spring and Summer. We went at the end of February and it was quiet.


It was not only special to feel this very famous trail under my feet, but the pure magic was the fact that we did not see a single other person out there.

It was late February and a beautiful morning, but the forecast called for rain in the afternoon. We got on the trail early and watched the clouds slowly moving over the La Salle’s in our direction.

The grand ol’ Colorado River

The trail is fun, technical single track that slowly winds it’s way up the side of the big walls to the top of the rim. On the way, you are stopped in your tracks to look at all the beautiful features and colors on the massive walls surrounding you.

Big walls

If you can car shuttle, or hitchhike, I suggest doing the entire point to point. We couldn’t shuttle, plus the weather was coming in and we just did what we had time for.

Beautiful features in the rock

I really enjoyed this trail. It was technical enough at times that I was dancing over rocks, and the big walls around you have so many features that it is worth it to stop and take a look around once in awhile. The creeks were also flowing, which in general makes for a very special energy that is shared in a very fleeting moment in the desert.

Fleeting streams

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